The Help - Kathryn Stockett
The first half of the book is actually really good. The tension is high and I am really afraid for the women in the book but midway through the tension is lost. It starts to feel more like a story of the school outcast being picked on by the popular girls instead of a story about racial relations in the Jim Crow south. I didn't find Skeeter a compelling character and her relationship with Abileen didn't interest me much. I did really like the relationship between Minny and Celia because from the very beginning of the relationship the two were always on equal ground. From the beginning of their relationship Skeeter is using Abileen to further her writing career. Of course we realize that Skeeter learns a lot from Abileen and they both sort of benefit from the relationship but I found this predictable and boring. Overall, I had a hard time finishing this book and would not read it again.