Unwind - Neal Shusterman
In this book we follow 3 runaway unwinds, Connor, Risa, and Lev. In this world abortion is illegal but parents can have their 13 to 17 year old children unwound where they will basically be torn apart and their body parts given to other people. This is a compromise created to end a bloody war between pro-choice and pro-life camps. It is a ridiculous concept but Shusterman does such a good job of plainly outlining the rules of this world that I find myself buying into it despite how unrealistic it is.Connor is being unwound because his parents think he is a troublemaker (apparently he has a temper and gets into fights but he seems like a pretty good kid). Risa is being unwound because she's a ward of the state and they need more room in the state home. Connor and Risa's stories are not that interesting to me. They go down very familiar paths and while they are likeable characters, I find myself not really caring what happens to either of them. They don't seem to change very much from beginning to end and the changes they do incur seem a little superficial. The reason I kept reading this book is because of Lev.Lev comes from a religious family that believes in tithing 10% of everything they own to the church including their children. Lev being his parent's tenth child has known since birth he was going to be unwound. He is happy about this and thinks it's a great honor until he is kidnapped by Connor is a hare-brained attempt to take on hostages. Lev is put in a position where he has to question everything he has ever believed and it tears him apart. Watching him try and put the pieces back together after the destruction of his belief system is very poignant and something I think a lot of people can relate to. He's brought to a place where he has to decide where he stands on different issues. He can no longer depend on others to think for him. I think that that is a huge part of growing up and I really enjoyed watching this character go through this process.