The Boy Kings of Texas: A Memoir - Domingo Martinez
Martinez is a mediocre writer who was blessed with an interesting family that helps this piece along. His family is interesting and so is his upbringing but the book lacks structure. There are so many events he recounts that the reader could've done without. I really enjoyed the last half of the book about his relationship with his brothers but it feels like a completely different book from the rest. Martinez beats you over the head with the theme of the memoir and even though I can relate to a lot of what he went through growing up different in a poor, racially segregated community I did find him kind of whiny. There's also his tendency to allude to future events and then never address them (his constant references to Derek's near death experience). There are some chapters that are really interesting and compelling. But the book overall is unorganized and while I enjoyed reading it, I won't be reading it again and I wouldn't necessarily recommend it to others.